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16 free shows by 60 performers in 10 rooms all over the Brownhoist Building. Make a reservation.

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About Micro Theater.

At Micro Theater we're producing 16 short performances that happen simultaneously in different rooms at the Brownhoist Building. Each show is performed 3 times per night, so everyone can see a few shows in an evening with time in between to chat over beers. 

Traditional plays, experimental plays, dramas, comedies, physical theater, dance, sketch, clown, burlesque, performance art, and immersive performance are all fair game.

The idea started in Madrid, moved to Miami and Buenos Aires, and now we're bringing it to Cleveland. We're kicking it off at the Brownhoist building, 4403 St Clair Ave, on May 24th and 25th.


Check out the schedule, and make reservations.

Upcoming Performances

Micro Theater with your friends and neighbors.

May 24-25 at the Brownhoist, 4403 St Clair Ave
Schedule | Reservations

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